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Change and NDIS

DisabilityCare has been hailed as a revolution in the provision of disability services, and service providers will need to make significant adjustments in responding to an individual funding model. 

This change management workshop will assist in preparing your organisation for this system and and help staff adapt to ever changing environments. We will also take participants through some of the major risks that your organisation will need to confront and provides practical tips and strategies for addressing those risks.

The workshop includes a range of facilitated and practical exercises to instil the key requirements for an effective change strategy.

Workshop outcomes

Participants will learn how to:

  • Appreciate the impact of organisational change on people
  • Identify ways they can positively lead and motivate people through cultural or organisational change
  • Effectively communicating change
  • Identify ways they can help team members cope with change
  • Understand their present state based on a model that presents a holistic view of their organisation
  • Analyse the sources and consequences of change and use these to plan for success
  • Follow a structured approach to planning change
  • Understand individual responses to change
  • Identify the reasons for and sources of real and potential resistance to change, and explore ways to minimise these
  • Understand the role of, and utilise, change agents
  • Build a communication strategy to ensure the timely, positive dissemination of information for all
  • Build a shared vision for change
  • Communicate to teams why organisations need to change and why the management of change is important
  • Identify Issues in the change management process
  • Understand how to make change management more effective
  • Define staff roles in change management
  • Outline the key steps to managing change
  • Develop a plan to instigate change, recognising barriers and constraints
  • Communicate a change effectively through a range of methods
  • Create change effectively in their team/organisation.
  • Manage and motivate people through the change process

To find out more

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