A practical, skills development workshop

Participants will learn to resolve conflict more effectively by understanding what conflict really is and how to prevent it from taking on a life of its own. 

They will work on 'real and relevant' situations, in which they discover new approaches to formulate an effective action plan for preventing conflict and establishing a climate of cooperation, regardless of peoples differences and needs.

Includes role play as an opportunity to reinforce new skills.

Workshop outcomes

Participants will gain:

  • An understanding of the nature of conflict and its causes.
  • Skills on how to engage creative contention and resolve destructive conflict early.
  • A practical guide on how to approach unresolved conflict.
  • Recognition of unique preferences and behaviours when working in a team.
  • Ways to adapt their style to improve their management of conflict situations.
  • An appreciation of what different behaviours may look like when under stress, and how people of diverse styles react differently to conflict.
  • Awareness of what unresolved conflict can cost an organisation.
  • Discover a non-threatening way to communicate preferences and discuss differences.
  • An understanding of how their own and others behaviours may be interpreted in different ways.
  • Insight into how ineffective process can lead to unresolved conflict escalating. An appreciation of how to prevent negative conflict.
  • An appreciation of the role of mediation in resolving difficult conflicts.
    Insight into how ineffective process can lead to unresolved conflict escalating.
  • The opportunity to role play with conflict resolution experts who will challenge and engage participants to apply their newly acquired skills and behaviours.
  • An understanding of different personality styles and associated conflicts (full day workshop).
  • Proficiency in using effective behaviours to gather information about conflicts (full day workshop).
  • Improved face to face communication and rapport building skills (full day workshop).
  • Tips on how to deal effectively with feelings and defensive reactions (full day workshop).

To find out more

Download PDF brochure – Half Day Workshop or Full Day Workshop or contact Liz Kelly on 1300 971 805 or email lizkelly@tlconsult.com.au