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Creating buy-in and smoothing transition

Successful consultation is the lifeblood of any organisation connecting often vastly disparate elements into a cohesive whole. Whatever the size, or type, of organisation, people need to talk to each other.

Consultation allows people to make informed decisions about issues and provides an opportunity to identify major differences, as well as areas of agreement. Effective consultation can ensure employee’s commitment and input into effective change, while poor consultation reduces confidence in future attempts may lead to unintended outcomes and conflict in implementation.

Consultation is what happens before a decision is made. Communication is what happens after a decision is made.

Workshop outcomes

Participants will learn how to:

  • Effectively utilise diversity of consultation techniques; through understanding their own method/s whilst exploring various techniques to enhance their style.
  • Clearly define the aims and parameters of consultation.
  • Engage the key participants and stakeholders in the consultation process.
  • Choose the appropriate range of methods to involve all stakeholders in the consultation.
  • Use strategies that maximise people’s ability to participate.
  • Provide feedback on the outcome of the consultation and resulting decisions to all participants, and to groups with an interest.
  • Identify appropriate methods of consultation.
  • Recognise their own and other people's behaviour and styles and its impact on communication.
  • Develop their consultation skills to handle people and situations with confidence.
  • Employ skills to consult more effectively.
  • Become more aware of the importance of good consultation practice.
  • Understand their roles and responsibilities as communicator.
  • Support those who are less outspoken and improve their ability to successfully consult.

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