1.5hr workshop

This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to resolving conflict more effectively by understanding what conflict really is and how to prevent it from taking on a life of its own in the workplace.

Workshop outcomes

Leaders will gain:

  • Insight into why it is important to engage creative contention, but resolve destructive conflict early.
  • A practical guide on how to approach unresolved conflict.
  • Allow self reflection on how their personal style impacts on responses to conflict within their business units or teams.
  • Increased understanding of the nature of conflict, therefore, reducing its frequency and negative impact.
  • An awareness of what unresolved conflict can cost an organisation.
  • Recognition of the symptoms of a blame culture.
  • Approaches to move beyond negative petty conflict.
  • An understanding of how ineffective processes can lead to unresolved conflict escalating.
  • Tips on how to develop a plan to effectively spot and stop negative conflict patterns and in turn create opportunities for creative contention.

Workshop cost

$120 plus GST per participant.
Workshops can be held on-site at the workplace.

To find out more

Download PDF brochure or contact Liz Kelly on 1300 971 805 or email lizkelly@tlconsult.com.au