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Simplifying the transition

The implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), will present once in a lifetime challenges to organisations providing support or advocacy for people with disabilities. TLConsult understands the inherent conflicts likely to arise in any organisation undergoing this level of upheaval. Whether you are dealing with a new funding system, managing changes to staffing levels, trying to understand new training requirements, or even simply updating internal administration systems, TLConsult can assist you to handle any changes with the least possible stress or cost to your organisation and staff.

We have  substantial experience working in the sector, particularly in the area of workforce change. Under the Practical Design Fund of the NDIS, we were awarded a project to develop a Change Management strategy that would provide guidance, tools and resources to disability support organisations to assist them to achieve an increase in and skilling of the workforce and to foster organisational change. This involved consultations with workforce groups and people with disabilities Australia-wide, and has given us a deep understanding of the issues likely to arise during the transition to the NDIS.

Liz is a  parent of a child with a disability,  and has experienced first hand the challenges involved in navigating the current system, and can bring to the table a clear grasp of the potential concerns of all parties in the sector. 

We have extensively consulted with a variety of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) and Indigenous groups of people with disabilities, and as such we are particularly well placed to assist organisations struggling to understand the specific concerns of these often overlooked groups. 

We believe in the real potential of NDIS to positively change the lives of people with disabilities, but understand that this change will not come easily.

Our history in the sector combined with our HR and financial experience makes us the perfect team to make it as simple a transition as possible.

The reports from both of these projects are available to download at left.