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Setting up models for resolution

Mediation/Facilitated Discussion is the intervention of an acceptable and impartial third party in a dispute. Mediation brings people together to talk about their conflict and accept responsibility for finding a solution together.

A successful facilitated discussion can ensure there is not the need to instigate formal processes, which can result in a reduction in the cost of the conflict to an organisation.

Workshop outcomes

Through interactive simulation and a series of immersive activities, participants will gain:

  • An understanding of the principles, theory and concepts of mediation.
  • The confidence to facilitate a problem solving approach in a difficult situation.
  • A sense of leadership in modelling good conflict management.
  • An understanding of how conflict affects working relationships and supports them in looking below the surface to root out underlying issues and repair relationships.
  • Strengthened informal options at an early stage to maximise the chances of resolution, rather than escalating issues through formal procedures.
  • The confidence to resolve disputes between staff locally at their level.
  • A model of mediation that focuses strongly on preserving and rebuilding working relationships.
  • A set of skills and strategies to deal with difficult conflict behaviours.
  • A structured, step by step process to move people forward.
  • The techniques to engage conflicting parties, facilitate people’s co-operation, and support them in taking responsibility for their own problems and ultimately their own solutions.
  • Knowledge of the importance of creating a safe environment for mediation.
  • Communication skills to build rapport with people in conflict.
  • The ability to overcome resistance and engage people in a win/win approach to their conflict.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of impartial practice within a two party conflict and facilitate the co-operative participation of parties in conflict within mediation..An understanding of when situations are not suitable for mediation.

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