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Managers must adapt for best results

This course will help participants develop effective ways to negotiating and secure best results within the context of the Fair work Act. We examine different styles of negotiation and use practical role plays so participants understand the skills involved.

Participant learn to develop arguments and counter arguments, fallback positions, creative solutions and alternatives to agreement which they can build into an effective action plan. The most successful negotiators do not try to ‘win at all costs’.

Workshop outcomes

Through interactive simulation and a series of immersive activities, leaders will gain:

  • Improved understanding of the key changes of the Fair Work Act and how it effects the negotiation environment.
  • An appreciation of negotiating to secure better results in the workplace within the context of the Fair Work Act.
  • Ways to plan and prepare a strategy for successful negotiations.
  • Skill in using effective behaviours in negotiation to gather information.
  • Opportunities to improve ability to manage conflict and deadlock.
  • Insights into how to influence and persuade.
  • An understanding of what negotiation is (and what it isn't).
  • The ability to achieve outcomes every time.
  • A strategy for successful negotiation based on careful planning.
  • Improved face to face communication and rapport building skills.
  • Tried and tested questioning techniques to establish trades and build flexibility.
  • Tactics that ensure you will always trade and never concede.
  • The ability to focus on the key aspects and rules of successful negotiation within the new industrial framework.
  • The opportunity to role-play with experienced negotiators who will challenge and engage leaders, to help apply their newly acquired skills and behaviours.

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