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Maximising potential

Managing a performance review is an essential part of any manager's role and encompasses a range of skills which, when managed effectively, contribute to achievement of high levels of organisational performance.

When not managed well there can be a lack of clarity around what’s expected, which in turn can lead to an escalation of conflict and poor performance.

Workshop outcomes

Participants will learn how to:

  • Understand the psychology of performance management; what is performance and how do we describe it, the psychology of appraisal, motivation, job satisfaction, motivation theory and reward strategies, organisational commitment and its measurement.
  • Plan effectively for the performance review meeting.
  • Tailor feedback, goal-setting and development planning to take account of the individual’s needs.
  • Apply situational leadership concepts in the performance management process.
  • Develop their interpersonal skills to operate in partnership with the individual.
  • Conduct an effective performance review meeting.
  • Identify reasons for under-performance.
  • Improve motivation of individuals when required.
  • Give constructive feedback in a way that doesn’t demoralise people or dilute the issue.
  • Put together an individual action plan.
  • Link individual objectives to team, unit, divisional and/or organisational objectives.
  • Set expectations through discussion and agreement.
  • Challenge individuals and facilitate the development of new skills and competencies.
  • Conduct a fair process , involving two-way dialogue that is positively framed.

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