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Creating strength from within

Prosperous organisations realise that their success is in the ability for frontline staff to have the infrastructure to achieve their job; client service. These organisations take the time to ensure that all employees are in the loop, working towards the same goals, and by the same rules.

For a person centred service culture to become embedded in an organisation, it must be demonstrated by everyone, in all aspects of their work, to both external and internal clients alike.

The quality of service provided to your clients by direct support staff is largely dependent on the quality of support they receive internally.

Workshop outcomes

This workshop is recommended for all employees who support other departments or functions within the organisation.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Discover and respond effectively to the various aspirations, capacities and concerns of staff that they support.
  • Embed a person centred culture in their organisation, and to ensure that it is demonstrated by everyone, in all aspects of their work, to both external and internal clients alike.
  • Understand their responsibility to provide fellow employees with the facilities and support required to perform their jobs safely and effectively.
  • Develop an environment of trust and shared understanding.
  • Advance lines of communication with their internal clients so that each has a clear understanding of the others work.
  • Communicate to employees that each has a responsibility to ensure that a positive and effective internal client centred culture exists.
  • Acknowledge the importance of treating their co-workers fairly and to recognise their input and views.
  • Ensure that rules and procedures are applied fairly.
  • Recognise that all employees regardless of rank, role, location, division or status as an internal client see themselves as working in partnership to provide high quality external client centred service.
  • Ensure decision making processes are transparent and involve consultation with employees. This helps foster an environment of wider ownership and inclusiveness.
  • Deal professionally with difficult internal clients and situations.
  • Break down ‘silo’ mentality.
  • Turn problems into opportunities for greater client satisfaction, satisfy complainers, calm upset internal clients and regain confidence and goodwill.

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