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Ensuring best results

The Fair Work Act is causing managers to adapt their approach as they seek to achieve the best outcomes for their orgnanisations and its employees.

This course will help participants develop effective ways to negotiating and secure best results within the context of the Fair work Act. The course will be interactive and participants should be prepared to involve themselves in discussion and a number of practical tasks.

Workshop outcomes

Managers will gain:

  • A broad overview of the changed industrial relations climate (The Fair Work Act)
  • Insights into how management-union relations develop and what causes workplace relations to improve or decline.
  • Awareness of constructive ways to prepare for and manage in situations where Enterprise Agreement negotiation is occurring.
  • An appreciation of the role of mediation in resolving difficult disputes.
  • Understanding of how principled negotiations can result in successful agreements.
  • Information on how to incorporate a process approach into your negotiation skill set.
  • Formulate communication strategies based on various situations.
  • Develop a confident negotiating style to deflect "hardball" tactics.
  • Enhance your negotiation skills by applying best practices in a real-world setting.
  • The knowledge to develop negotiating skills crucial to achieving the best possible terms of an agreement and building strong relationships.
  • Experience through a dynamic learning environment, practice sessions and, real-world simulations.

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