Tom Pagonis
Co-Director and  Principal Consultant

Tom Pagonis brings to the table a proficiency and track record in conflict resolution that few can rival.

At the forefront of his field for more than 25 years, he has consistently developed outstanding solutions to often extremely complex workplace and industrial disputes in the public and private sector, both in metropolitan and rural contexts.

An authoritative yet disarmingly approachable communicator, Tom relates naturally with worker and manager alike, building trust and gaining insights that ultimately lead to successful outcomes for all concerned.

His breadth of skills and intimate knowledge of Industrial Relations legislation and practice have been called upon for executive training, tertiary education, policy development and Industrial Relations Commission representation. Most notable of all, however, has been his much lauded implementation of Our Forests Our Future, the $110M government program to redeploy Victorian timber industry workers.

Tom has extensive experience in the tertiary education sector working with student run organisations and unions. He is passionate about ensuring that student money is used efficiently and that student unions are able to modernise and adjust to present-day challenges.

For TLConsult clients, this exceptional know how and practical experience allows Tom to evaluate workplace conflicts quickly and respond decisively with the most appropriate course of action. 

As countless businesses, corporations, government departments and NGOs can attest, with Tom on board, a smart, practical and cost-effective solution is never far away.


Expertly qualified and vastly experienced in the divergent yet complementary fields of human resources and financial management, Liz Kelly is regarded by many as the archetype for the contemporary conflict resolution specialist.

Empathetic yet acutely business-minded, her instinctive left-brain/right-brain approach delivers practical solutions to workplace issues that are creative, equitable, respectful, inclusive and – most importantly – always underpinned by rigourous consideration of their financial impact.

With a down to earth manner as engaging as it is authentic, Liz liaises effortlessly with stakeholders and personnel at all levels, from blue collar workers on the shop floor to the highest level of management; trade unions to all tiers of government and their respective agencies. 

In a career spanning 20 years and a broad range of industries, she has managed teams large and small, headed a department with 200 staff and a $250 million operating budget, occupied board positions on NGOs, statutory authorities and community associations, and is a current member of the Victorian Disability Services Board, Disability Reference Group for VHREOC, and is Deputy Chair of the Victorian Disability Advisory Council. As a parent of a child with a disability, past president of the Association for Children with a Disability (ACD) and past board member of Children with Disabilities Australia (CDA), Liz is uniquely qualified to help organisations in the sector manage change and resolve conflict.

Add to that her experience with TLConsult, and it’s hard to imagine a type of conflict with which Liz is not already familiar – and harder still to imagine any she could not resolve successfully.