Unique in our mix of human relations and finance expertise, TLConsult brings a ‘no nonsense’ business mindset to organisational problems.

Conflict is a side effect of change

Solutions-oriented and productivity focused, we’ll determine what’s possible, advise you what’s best: for the individuals involved, and the overall prosperity of your organisation; then help you make it happen.

We started TLConsult because we were involved in management in a variety of sectors and wanted others to benefit from our view on conflict. Inherently conflict is perceived as bad, but in our experience an organisation that wants to continue to evolve and grow, conflict is inevitable.

Conflict, in fact, is a side effect of change. The goal of a successful organisation should not be to avoid conflict entirely, but to manage it in a way that allows the organisation to prosper.

Plan for change by anticipating conflict

Whether you are dealing with a merger or acquisition, restructure, interpreting new industrial legislation, the implementation of new company policies, negotiating staff agreements, staff departures, or any of the myriad of other changes that organisations go through every day, conflict is an ever-present possibility. TLConsult is here to steer you through these changes, to resolve conflicts as they arise, and to stop you getting left behind.

Our client base is strong and we have a proven track record of adding value to our clients. We currently hold many preferred relationships with industry leading organisations/personnel that have spanned nearly a decade ranging from small businesses, NGO’s, government bodies, large private sector companies , community associations and organisations.

Guidance through challenging waters

We (personally) invest (ourselves)  in each and every project we work on. We make sure the resources in your organisation are geared towards employing the programs and realising the outcomes you require.  We don’t just get to know your enterprise, we take a sincere interest in it and genuinely want to help you reach your potential.

Conflict is part of our everyday reality, but many of us feel quite uncomfortable in situations that might lead to conflict, and therefore tend to avoid it at all costs. There is a price to pay for this behaviour including organisational dysfunction, avoidance of healthy debate and increased workplace claims. 

“TL has worked with me on several key projects where results were critical and they showed great work ethic, were easy to work with, well received and showed both energy and flexibility. TL’s knowledge and ability to challenge was helpful in creating a valuable end product.”

Client from the Community sector (Disability)

"TLConsult’s experience and understanding of our ethos is unrivalled. They appreciate the role of the board and the importance of good governance, their work and recommendations reflect this understanding."

Client from the Community sector