These are some questions our clients have asked us … a brief snapshot, a very long story cut short.

▶ Have you worked with government?

We've had extensive dealings with all tiers of government and are well versed in the intricacies of working within a bureaucracy. We also have significant experience with the private sector and NGOs. We understand both the individual needs of different types of organisations, and the need for individuality among organisations of the same type.

▶ Do you have legal experience?

TLConsult is a firm of qualified facilitators, not lawyers.

TL have significant 'hands on' experience in representing both employers and employees at the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and Workers' Compensation Commission - plus extensive knowledge of workplace legislation - we can keep disputes outside the legal arena. This provides an immediate and typically substantial cost benefit to our clients.

TLConsult recognise that there are times when legal advice is unavoidable, and hence we have arrangements with two independent law practices, along with a lawyer on our staff, who can all be made available to assist with everything from drafting legal documents to providing legal advice around industrial relations or other matters.

▶ What types of conflict do you deal with?

Any situation involving more than one person has the potential for unproductive conflict. Not surprisingly, TLConsult has brought about speedy and cost-efficient resolutions - with either no or minimal disruption to business – in all the following areas:

— Bullying and harassment claims
— WorkCover claims and return to work issues
— Negotiation of industrial instruments
— Issues over industrial arrangements
— Interpersonal conflict
— Manager/staff/team conflict
— Employment disputes
— Organisational culture
— Workplace performance issues

▶ How does your financial expertise assist in resolving workplace conflict?

You will find our unique, dual expertise of tremendous value. First, it enables us to quantify the bottom line cost to your organisation of unproductive staff and/or ineffective practices. This in turn allows us to provide you with a cost benefit analysis to justify financially our proposed solution to your workplace issue. Providing this level of decision support – being able to talk both 'HR' and 'finance' to management – is what sets TLConsult apart.

▶ Do you offer HR services other than conflict resolution?

Although we specialise in conflict resolution, the depth and breadth of our experience enables us to assist with a far greater range of workplace issues, including:

— Training and facilitation
— Policy and process design
— Employee relations
— HR support structures
— Occupational Health and Safety
— WorkCover

▶ What experience do you have working in the disability sector?

TLConsult has successfully managed two large projects under the Practical Design Fund (PDF) of DisabilityCare Australia. These included liaising with and running consultations with groups of people with disabilities, families, and support workers Australia wide, and developing tools that are designed to make the transition to DisabilityCare as simple and easy as possible. Liz has a great deal of experience in the sector, having sat on a number of boards, including that of Children with Disabilities Australia and the Victorian Disability Services Board. TLConsult has also worked with a number of organisations on a one on one basis, including the Youth Disability Advisory Service.

▶ Have you worked with any student organisations in the past?

TLConsult has worked with a number of student organisations, including the Monash Student Association (MSA), La Trobe Student Union (LTSU) and Deakin University Student Association (DUSA). We have provided assistance in areas such as EBA negotiations, financial concerns and dealing with specific HR issues, and can provide advice regarding reforms both large and small. We are passionate about the survival of student run organisations and believe that our combination of HR and finance experience means we are best placed to help guide unions into an uncertain future. We can also arrange legal advice through the lawyers on our staff or our arrangements with independent law firms, if and when this is required.

We're always happy to answer questions. If you want to know more or chat about your needs, feel free to contact us.