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Workshop: Family violence training in the workplace – recognising and responding to family violence.

The Royal Commission into family violence has provided practical recommendations to prevent and address family violence, based on an examination of the current service system and best practice approaches.

Challenges and opportunities

The implementation of the recommendations outlined by the Royal Commission will present an opportunity for support and advocacy organisations assisting victims and families to realign their services and improve outcomes for family violence survivors. There will be opportunities for service providers to collaborate and align to deliver a coordinated response for victims.

Support services will be required to deal with new funding priorities, which may mean changes to staffing levels, assessing organisational skills and competencies or updating internal administration systems. TLConsult can assist organisations to handle any changes smoothly and efficiently, minimising organisational stress and cost.

TLConsult has substantial experience working in the sector, most recently completing a significant change project with a Centre Against Sexual Assualt (CASA) where we facilitated an organisational realignment that supported staff and management to focus more effectively on clients and ready the organisation for a collaborative role within a Multi- Disciplinary setting.

Through our knowledge of the sector we understand that family violence and sexual assault victims walk in the doors of each and every workplace every day. We have assisted frontline workers in the family violence sector, and in other sectors such as health and education. The Health and Education sector is one where the presence of family violence is often first detected and where a proactive approach can be of profound benefit to families. The Royal Commission has recognised this and, through its findings, has recommended a significant investment in prevention and attitudinal change that starts with education and training in the workforce.   

Unmistakably, the pervasiveness and severity of family violence impacts the workplace and productivity as it demands the attention of managers and human resources. TLConsult can provide a consultancy and training service offering attendees an understanding of the dynamics of family violence, and equip them with the knowledge and insight so as they can support their workforce.

TLConsult’s combined experience in the family violence arena and community sector means we are uniquely placed to provide services that assist organisations to address targets on this issue with the focus on support and prevention.