Productivity is down. Management time is being wasted. The issue you hoped would be fixed internally is getting worse by the day. 

You could …

Do nothing, that’s one. Maybe the situation will magically resolve itself.

Consult other practitioners, be it lawyers, investigators or ‘old school’ industrial relations. They will gather evidence and build you a case – regardless of whether it, or the time and costs incurred, are warranted. They will provide you with an inch-thick report with an exhaustive suite of possible outcomes to weigh up, you won’t be disappointed.

But, if you want the issue resolved …

It should be resolved completely and cost-efficiently. To get results, not reports; decisive action rather than endless alternatives, talk to us. 

We have experience resolving issues in the following areas :
•    Bullying and Harassment claims
•    Workcover claims and return to work issues
•    Negotiation of industrial arrangements
•    Interpersonal conflict
•    Manager/staff/team conflict
•    Organisational culture
•    Workplace performance issues
•    Employment disputes

TLConsult can assist you to handle various HR issues in a manner that acknowledges the potential for conflict and helps you to navigate this. Click our list of services for more information.