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Co-design makes consultation more efficient, effective and responsive to needs. More importantly, it makes communication more trustworthy, more valued – and transforming for those who use it.

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About us


“After  working with Tom and Liz I now understand the full cost of not dealing with an employee issue form the outset, the financial and time outlay can be exorbitant.”

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Electing What?

Recent election

Democracy is about government by the people. Simple really, the Government is a reflection of what the majority of people vote for. Straightforward. 

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Family Violence

Family Violence Training in Workplace

Family violence is a serious problem. Like many other workplace health and wellbeing issues, family violence can affect a business and its bottom line.
What happens at home can affect people’s performance at work. 

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Consulting services

Create solutions

TLConsult can help you handle various HR issues and offer preemptive planning solutions. We give results, not reports; decisive action not endless alternatives.

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Community & economics


It is refreshing to see a report that demonstrates an accurate picture of the revenue stream of the scheme.

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Training & facilitation

Manage better

We offer a variety of management and conflict resolution workshops that are highly interactive and engaging for individuals, managers, teams and executives. 

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