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Working together effectively

Conflict fuels innovation, eliminating or avoiding conflict stifles it. Tom and Liz are qualified and accredited mediators and are members of the Resolution Institute. Liz is a member of the Resolution Institute’s State Chapter Mediators Special Interest Group steering committee. 

We go beyond just helping parties to negotiate settlements based on compromising down to a position of shared pain. If there are other options that can be developed - that may get the parties closer to a genuine "win-win" outcome - we will try to develop them.

Managing conflict effectively is one of the keys to getting people to work together effectively. 

We come from a variety of backgrounds, and have significant experience in “real life” mediations – tailoring our approach to the special requests and expectations of a variety of different clients. We resolve conflicts and we do not propose to eliminate or to avoid conflict. On the contrary, we advise clients to encourage conflict, to resolve it quickly, and to embrace the outcome. We don't try to achieve constructive resolution, instead we actively seek to produce creative solutions. 

The TL mediation process can be adapted to suit almost any size or type of dispute, from non-financial family, family business and workplace conflicts to multi-million dollar commercial disputes. The mediations are quick, practical, confidential and comprehensible.