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One size doesn't fit all

Anyone can download policies and procedures from the internet. They can be the best and most comprehensive, but can still end up in a folder on the shelf or on the intranet, with staff and management blissfully unaware.

We work on ensuring that the policies you have are easily comprehended by staff and management, they relate to the day to day work of the organisation and support the organisation in developing relevant frameworks and practices that reflect the realities of the work. 

Often practices such as performance review processes are over complicated and are completed by supervisors under duress and pressure to placate the HR department. The process is focused on the activity not outcomes.  The reviews are finalised and put away in drawers until the next round is due. TLConsult develop these processes with you to ensure they are of value to the organisation and the people involved.

“TLConsult worked closely with our HR team to ensure the process went smoothly, adapting to ideas we had, and suggesting others which from their experience would achieve the best results for us”  

Client from Retail sector