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Working towards safety

Often organisations focus their OH&S effort on physical risks, which is understandable in building, manufacturing or heavy industries where physical hazards present an extreme risk. 

Where this is not the case, such as in service organisations, organisations do not think to shift their focus to the most high risk hazard which is most commonly interpersonal conflict and measuring the impact this can have on a worker’s health and wellbeing.

We work with your organisation to ensure it, not only complies with legislation, but it is a safe organisation. I.e. that the focus is on the key safety risks for your organisation. These risks will be identified in consultation with your workforce and will be easily understood by your workforces. 
We can clearly articulate to your organisation what the key safety risks are, and how to maintain staff health and wellbeing. 

“I didn’t think our clients coming in in a distressed state was part of OH&S, I just thought it was part of the day to work. I spent a lot of time doing risk assessments on tripping hazards in the office, but TLConsult developed, by engaging with my team,  best practices in the event of an aggressive client…I feel much more supported now”  

Local Government client